26 – 29 March 2020 Tokyo, Japan Exhibitor inquiry

Collaboration & featured events

A series of fringe programme with numerous highlights such as special exhibitions, interactive workshops and knowledgeable seminars add extra value to the fair.

*The information below is of 2019, and to be updated to 2020 in February 2020.

Good!manner campaign


30 March (Sat) – 31 March (Sun) 2019
@East Hall 2

Let's enjoy Good!manner campaign during the fair.
For those who complete all the tasks in the stamp rally, we will  present the original manner goods to you.
*original manner goods are in limited supply.

【NEW!】MANPO challenge


30 March (Sat) – 31 March (Sun) 2019
@East Hall 2

Let's enjoy MANPO challange during the fair.
For those who walk more than 10,000 steps in a day , we will  present the original goods to you.
*original manner goods are in limited supply.

Happy Grooming Contest

IP17_grooming contest1

28 March (Thu) –31 March (Sun) 2019
@Special venue in East Hall 7

Grooming contest aims to improve awareness of gromming in Japan and to provide an opportunity for groomers to increase levels of their skills.

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Future groomer


30 March (Sat) 2019
@Special booth in East hall 7

Future groomer – experience a day of a groomer.
Just for the children interested to become a groomer, professionals will give a grooming lesson using their actual tools.

*by advance reservation only

Cats & Aquarium zone 


28 March (Thu) – 31March (Sun) 2019
@Cats & Aquarium zone in Hall 7

The Cats & Aquarium zone has become more attractive with its comprehensive content. Don’t miss this hot zone!

WanNyan Housing Square  


28 March (Thu) – 31 March (Sun) 2019
@WanNyan Housing Square in East Hall 7
Special booth (I001)

Feel the sence of living with pets in the safe and fashionable manner. Products and ideas of design to give solutions for a better life at home are introduced in the prototype of a house.
Also,we will host a mini seminar on lifestyle by professional staff.

Enjoy Doglife Festa 


28 March (Thu) – 31 March (Sun) 2019
@Enjoy Doglife Festa in East Hall 8
Special booth(B006)

With a concept of “Enjoy your life with your beloved dog even more with photography”, ways to have a photo-taking fun outdoors using the latest model of cameras will be introduced. A-happy-day-out like photo spot, featuring HONDA DOG will welcome you in the booth!

Dog smiling photo competition 


28 March (Thu) – 31 March (Sun) 2019
Happy smile board @East hall 7
Dog smiling photo competition @East hall 3

Dog smiling photo competition @East hall 3
Smiles of dogs – they have some unique power to make people happy. We have prepared a special exhibition “Welcome Smile” at the hall entrance to welcome every and each visitor with a photo collection of smiling dogs that have been submitted from all over Japan.

Dog Fashion and Beauty Week


28 March (Thu) – 31March (Sun) 2019
@Special booth(H029) in East hall 7

For a dog's total coordinate.
Please enjoy the latest dog fashion trend!

*by advance reservation only



30 March (Sat) – 31 March(Sun) 2019
@Special venue in East Hall 2

INULYMPIC, the popular event welcoming the participation of all sorts of dogs will be held specially at interpets!
Check out this must-participate event that everyone and every dog can enjoy!

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Travelling exhibition for your evacuation with pets


30 March (Sat) – 31 March (Sun) 2019
@Special venue in East Hall 2

“Issho ni nigetemo iinokana” @ Interpets

“I wonder if I can escape together.”
When the disaster occurs, how we can overcome with our pets. Let's think about it togheter!

Free consultation stand for pet health


29 March (Fri) – 31 March(Sun) 2019
@Special booth in East hall 8(M056)

Please stop by the free consultation stand for pet health – you can get an advice from a vet about how to maintain the good health of your beloved pets in this booth.

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